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Tom Bodanske grew up with a fully stocked wood shop in the basement of his childhood home. He had all of the hand tools a boy could ask for, plus a great-uncle who loved woodworking. From a young age, Tom was building projects out of wood.

After studying cabinet carpentry in high school, Tom landed his first job after graduation in 1998. He started his career by installing hardwood flooring for a small company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When he began his career, he truly loved installing hardwood floors.

Now, 25 year later, he still has a passion for working with wood, installing it, and seeing the end result!

From Woodworking Enthusiast to Flooring Expert

Tom worked for the Milwaukee company for 13 years and picked up side projects installing hardwood floors for family and friends. Considering a career change, Tom earned an Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering. However, his passion for working with wood and his expertise were in high demand. It became difficult to juggle two careers, so in 2013, he decided to open Bodanske Wood Flooring in Milwaukee and eventually relocated to Pulaski, Wisconsin, a village located northwest of Green Bay.

Passion for Restoring Flooring in Older Homes

Although Bodanske Wood Flooring installs hardwood flooring in new homes, Tom’s true passion is restoring flooring in older homes. A history buff, Tom loves seeing old architecture and homes come back to life. Quite often, he scrambles to find reclaimed materials that resemble the original flooring for an almost perfect match.

Bodanske Wood Flooring:

  • Caters to homeowners’ schedules, working around their timeline, remodeling schedule, or move-in date
  • Works efficiently, removing carpet or vinyl and installing, sanding, finishing and refinishing hardwood floors
  • Causes as little disruption as possible to family life. Flooring projects are less invasive than homeowners expect
  • Openly communicates with homeowners, explaining what to expect at every step of the flooring project
  • Charges competitive rates, providing affordable, durable flooring that adds worth to a home’s value
  • Installs new hardwood floor and any appropriate moldings, if needed, at the same time, giving the room a finished look
  • Licensed and insured

Contact us for a Free Estimate

Based in Pulaski, Wisconsin, Bodanske Wood Flooring serves homeowners located within a 50-mile radius of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Contact Tom for a free estimate for flooring jobs in Brown County, Shawano County, Outagamie County, Oconto County, and southern Marinette County. Enhance the look of your home with hardwood flooring or luxury vinyl plank flooring.